About us

SINCE 1978, Jamonería Gourmet focuses on one of the world's gastronomic jewels, ham.

For this we have developed a team of professionals who take care of the product from the dryer to your home.

Our goal is that all our customers have access to the best Iberian ham produced in Spain. For this, our efforts are focused on 2 activities: selecting the best pieces of ham, and getting our customers to have an excellent shopping experience.

For that both in our physical and online stores you will find the best hams and the most prestigious and recognized brands. This immense variety makes it possible for us to find on each occasion what type of ham our customers need.

That is why our establishments tend to have a select charcuterie space and another gourmet space and delicatessen products for the most exquisite palates, among which we have the best selection of wines and champagne.

A perfect gastronomic combination for all tastes. And if you do not have one of our jamonerias near you, you can buy in our online store a selection of our best products with the same total guarantee Jamoneria Gourmet: if you do not like it, we'll change it for you.

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Tasting and Selection

Our mission is to get you to enjoy the ham as we have been doing for so many years. To achieve this, at Jamoneria Gourmet we make sure to comply with the strictest quality controls from the moment a ham is produced until it reaches your palate.

The good Iberian ham is made with care and patience for years, is a true work of art that we respect and take care of to get you home with all the properties, aromas and 100% of the flavor that characterizes the Iberian ham of each provenance .

In Jamoneria Gourmet we make sure that each piece is good and at its perfect moment of healing. The quality of our product reaffirms our commitment to make you arrive a ham that makes you enjoy. If you try our ham sure you will repeat.

In summary, the different screens that our hams go through during the different phases of their production are: 

Selection in Drying Room

When in Jamoneria Gourmet we buy the ham that is later commercialized in our stores, members of our expert team go to the dryers of the different provenances of the best ham and try different items until you find the pieces of ham well cured and with all the flavor and the quality we seek.

Selection in warehouse

Once the product is in our warehouse, Hamoneria Gourmet's team of ham experts puts the different hams in order to ensure that they meet the same quality standard. If they are satisfied with the ham it will go on sale. On the contrary, if the ham does not meet expectations, it will be returned to the producer.

Selection for client

Upon receiving an order for ham, our staff revisits the piece to detect any anomaly. And select the ham that best suits the requests of each client. And as we are very aware that we do not all have the same taste, if you do not like the ham you have bought in our ham-houses or on our website, we will change it immediately.